Our cosmopolitan Lilly has already traveled many parts of our earth, made international friendships and discovered many cultures for herself. After successfully completing her studies in socio-economics in Nuremberg, she finally decided to follow her own roots. So, she moved with her husband Juan to Kleinsendelbach in their grandparents’ farmhouse. In every phase of her life Lilly showed pedagogical commitment, whether as a scout leader, tutor or guitar teacher. She would like to use the planned premises on the farm to found and lead music groups and get crazy with growing veggies. In addition to her musical talent, Lilly enriches us as an organizational artist. Despite all the varied challenges, it is she who always maintains an overview – not least because of her size.


Juan is a trained agricultural engineer and agricultural consultant from Colombia. In 2014, he and Lilly met while traveling in Southeast Asia and they have been married since 2017. With the community farm Hof [v:] Erde, a long-cherished shared dream is now coming true. Juan is our animal lover and lovingly takes care of the well-being of our animal roommates. He is also a passionate artist and aikido practitioner. He is particularly looking forward to the seminar room as he would like to use it for courses in both of his passions.


As a studied geographer and enthusiastic globetrotter, Cori is the driving force behind the permaculture approach. In addition, she benefits from the wide range of experiences she has gathered as voluntary workawayers all over the world. For her bachelor thesis she did research on environmental education and plans – building on her experience as a former boy scout – to live out her passion for environmental education in future projects on the farm. In addition to her work at the community farm, she is training as a naturopath.


For Lilly’s Dad Georg, the farm manifests part of his family history. He knows the farm and the land that goes with it like the back of his hand. He is particularly adept at solving complex problems in innovative ways using simple means. Georg is our technology expert and is the only one who knows the tractors and small machines that have been passed down over generations on our farm, which are probably still usable as old relics of earlier real division thanks to his specialist knowledge. In his free time, Georg volunteers for local and national associations and is a passionate bowler.