In the course of worsening climate change, we see sustainability as a holistic concept in the sense of which we want to use the diverse potential of agriculture.

We manage and use resources carefully and sustainably on our farm. In this way, ecologically innovative projects are to be developed in cooperation with research institutions in order to represent a role model for a sustainable integration of life and agriculture.

We not only want to give nature the opportunity to regenerate, but also support people in developing their own potential for development. We focus on advancing each individual through education for sustainable development for a healthy lifestyle, strengthening the body and mind, conscious consumption and a healthy diet.

In order to enable an ecologically sustainable life in the community, we would like to not only allow interested parties to participate in the agricultural operation. In addition, rooms are to be made available that support the communal character of the project. We would like to offer a culture and lodging barn for culinary and socio-cultural events and a seminar room for a holistic educational offer.