We grow vegetables on our community farm using the principles of market garden-style permaculture. The focus for us is to use regenerative methods to build up healthy soil that can provide us with high-quality food.

Permaculture consists of the English terms “permanent” in the sense of sustainable, and “agriculture” for agriculture: in this sense a planning and design method for an agriculture that requires survival in accordance with should enable nature and build permanently stable ecosystems. More information can be found on the permaculture website.

Marketgardening describes resource-conserving vegetable cultivation on a small area, whereby the vegetables are sold directly to the consumer without intermediaries. This is where the name “market gardening” comes from: vegetables are not produced for the supermarket, but for the farm’s own “market”.

In the season from May to November we offer veggies and fruits directly from the fields to you donation based. Your’re welcome on our farm every Thursday from 5 till 7 pm to get your portion of fresh regional and seasonal permaculture veggies. This year, our season will most likely start mid May. We’re looking forward to welcoming you on our farm!